Why Bitcoin is Not Mainstream?

1﴿ MARKETING: Lack of organized promotion campaigns

Bitcoin Foundation, the Developers, or even this forum could organized promotion/marketing campaigns for it. They already receive donations, or we can do a crowdfunding, and with the money we collect, we can spend it on billboards, flyers, google adsense, youtube ads, facebook ads, twitter ads, or any other type of advertising systems.

We got already the nerds, geeks, and other technical people in our community, now we need to bring in the “work at home” , “make money online” , the gamers (gaming is a 180b $ industry), the stay at home new-moms, the unemployed 20-30 year olds, and the high-school teens into bitcoin.

2﴿ PUBLIC OPINION: Lack of PR teams to improve bitcoin’s public opinion

Public relation’s is important to manage negative publicity and cast positive light to bitcoin in front of the eyes of the mainstream. Bitcoin has a lot of negative publicity: scammers, thieves, and other criminals putting a bad reputation to bitcoin, and the media spins this and demonizes bitcoin further.

We need many positive PR teams who organizes festivals, campaigns, conferences, or any other types of events that can boost Bitcoin’s public opinion, and explain to the public that bitcoin is good.

Some sort of charity organization or fundraisers could really boost bitcoin’s PO and show the mainstream that bitcoin can be used for Good too!

3﴿ INCOME: Lack of earning bitcoin methods & bitcoin jobs

Bitcoin’s economy is still new and fragile, we already got a base in how to spend your bitcoins, 100,000 merchants already accept bitcoin, but we barely got any ways to earn bitcoin, currently these are the most common methods to earn bitcoin by starting from 0 BTC:

-Faucets & task sites
-Sig campaigns
-Few Services & Selling Products

4﴿ DATABASE: Lack of a bitcoin search eng



This is a good idea I have, is that if bitcoin is to be a real global currency, it needs a search engine, perhaps not like google, but in a form of encyclopedia with all the bitcoin related websites and services in it.

I find it frustrating that every site in scattered in the internet, there are so many good bitcoin related sites, that due to promotion are barely known, for example like this ones:


So either an encyclopedia with categories (that should be included in bitcoin.org so that everyone would know it) or a new search engine that only searches for bitcoin related sites.

5﴿ GLOBAL ECONOMY: Global financial problems could boost bitcoin’s growth

Global economic meltdowns really create panic, and it terms of panic people usually rush to safe havens where they can preserve their assets.

We know that silver and gold are pretty good safe havens, but since 2009 a new player has come: Bitcoin
Bitcoin could be the digital equivalent of safe haven precious metals, that are capital control resistant and carry no weight of any kind.

By the time the next series of financial crises happen (and it will eventually) Bitcoin could be the new form of safe haven, that can be more widely used and more widely traded, a big bitcoin adoption. It’s up to us to lay down the infrastructure for bitcoin until then.

So bitcoin really needs to have an established merchant network, tons of ways to spend it, and more importantly ways to earn bitcoin before the crisis happens. We don’t just want bitcoin to be only a savings currency, but also a spendable real currency for goods & services.

A lot of people will be hurt in an economic collapse, and they will need a good currency to buy themselves basic daily goods.

6﴿ LEADERSHIP: Lack of social Idols promoting/endorsing/using their influence to help bitcoin

Social idols: popstars, musical bads, trendy people, dancers, tv celebrities, movie stars ; are like magnets in a society. People look up to them regardless of what they teach. Social idols have a charisma that attracts people up to the point that they can influence huge masses.

Bitcoin lacks social Idols, or atleast it has few of them , I know of only Mike Tyson.

But I think a better approach is Mike Tyson’s approach. So he found a business with bitcoin where he will make money, and he is promoting his bitcoin business , and by that he is also promoting bitcoin.

Celebrities have influence, and need money. Bitcoin has money opportunity, but needs needs influential people to promote it. It’s a win-win situation.

7﴿ CAPITAL EXPANSION: Lack of a stable lending system

Lending is crucial to any economy, and here we are talking about lending from capital (not printed money), so we need a lending system that protects lenders from scammers. Currently we have some lending services, where people could lend, but they are full of scammers. Even if you have the scammer’s personal info, you cannot sue them for 50-100$ because the legal fees would be too high. So even if the scammers scam people out of 50-100$, they get away with it, so it gives a bad reputation to bitcoin lending.

We need a more strict lending system, and a better reputation system for lending. If we get this then bitcoin lending will be one of the biggest international industries out there.

Lending generates income for the lenders (who can use it as a good source of interest income), and the loan takers are also better off since they can get loans internationally, without capital controls, and without any other fees involved.

This can increase the bitcoin economy enormously: the bitcoin businesses, the bitcoin membership (people would be interested in bitcoin savings accounts or bitcoin international loans), and the bitcoin market cap.

8﴿ GENDER RELATIONS: Lack of women interested in Bitcoin

In bitcoin there are hardly any women, and if there are no women, there are less men too. Men like to do things that can get them women so they will join any social activity that can get them to meet with women of similar interests.

The problem is that there is no reason for women to join bitcoin yet, women are biologically not programmed to be resource gatherers, so they are not that much interested in the financial aspect of bitcoin as men are.

If we want women to join bitcoin, we need to find a niche to attract them: Wealthy guys dating, Fashion , Beauty cosmetics, Chit-chat gossip, Flirting places, Parenting (for mothers), and Online Meetup places other than forums,etc…

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