War between Bitcoin vs Ethereum a conspiracy?


War between Bitcoin vs Ethereum a conspiracy? It is obvious that these more social/subversive attacks against the Ethereum ecosystem are Bitcoin’s attempt to try to slow it down because the BTC Maximalists know that its only a matter of time before Ethereum takes the reigns as the dominant public blockchain. They are trying to stall the spread of Ethereum before they can get Rootstock out, which is inferior to Ethereum’s smart contract capability bc the functionality is not baked in at the protocol level – which in turn raises many security questions.

I think it is pretty darn SAD that the Bitcoin community cannot come together to innovate (like they used to) like other blockchains are doing. Now, they find themselves a diseased community that can only resort to FUD tactics.

Its time for the Ethereum community to fight back…not amongst itself or any pseudo-classic/legacy chains but directly against Bitcoin maximalists. Our greatest weapon is our pioneering and groundbreaking development on the Ethereum blockchain. Let’s stay focused on sharpening this sword.

A certain group of very toxic individuals who want a small block Bitcoin to be the only game in town are attacking everyone else. They’ve been executing cyber attacks against and relentlessly smearing anyone involved in large block implementations of Bitcoin, and now they’re attacking the next potential source of cryptocurrency adoption.

Large block implementations of Bitcoin were subjected to massive DDOS attacks. They were so large that entire ISPs were knocked offline. Now Ethereum saw its biggest dapp hacked, and the HF to reverse the hack made as contentious as possible largely as a result of support for the orphan chain from long time advocates of small block Bitcoin and dozens of throwaway accounts swarming the Ethereum subreddit to verbally attack the main chain and its developers.

This is no conspiracy. This is all happening out in the open.

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