Zcash price
Zcash price

Zcash Price Prediction January 10th!

Zcash Price Prediction January 10th! Above is the 4 hour chart showing an uptrend forming after a pullback to the $630 due to news that Zcash wallets were offline at some exchanges. Zcash is still in a rising channel Parabolic Sar just started a 4 hour uptrend look for this to be broken before a major downswing occurs. Stochastic RSI is in the mid range and should test ATH’s on the current run at $790. The 1 day chart looks bullish with a new parabolic SAR uptrend the Stochastic RSI is in the upper range signalling buying a flip would be extremely bullish. With a low market cap of $2 billion and only 3 million Zcash coins the lowest of any coin in the top 100 I expect the price to double in 2018. With recent news of Ethereum using zsnarks the future is bright for Zcash.
Since the Ethereum Byzantium hard-fork zk-SNARKs have been integrated within Ethereum and it is envisioned that a range of zapps (zero-knowledge dapps), enabling private smart contracts, will be developed. As each zapp will require its own trusted setup it is likely that Ethereum zapp developers will use the Powers of Tau ceremony and conduct a second phase of the setup, unique to each zapp.

This IMO, is the real reason why all of the current “privacy” coins are in jeopardy.

Ethereum will be rolling out support for zk-SNARKs with Metropolis.

It will take some time after that for developers to start making use of it, but when they do, I just don’t see how privacy-centric development doesn’t migrate to Ethereum.

Coupled with Ethereum’s 15 second block times, it’s a nobrainer.

Thus, I think the market knows this and that’s why confidence in the rest of the “privacy” coins remains rather low because they are basically at major risk of having their lunch eaten by Ethereum.