Monero coin Price Analysis March 26th New Highs?

Monero coin Price Analysis March 26th New Highs? Monero is currently on a nice 1 day uptrend trend rising from .001 to .0042 vs Bitcoin a new intraday high. Monero has been added to Azure very bullish the next 4 hour block is key if new highs above .0042 happen look for a peak before selling occurs.I expect an uptrend as I don’t see much weakness in the 1 day uptrend, long term Monero looks good I would buy any dips as the Market cap is roughly 20 million and has lots of room for investment compared to other coins. Current support levels are around.0037 any move below that will signal the end of the bull. The Stochastic RSI is peaking at 90 if it doesn’t fall below the upper band new highs will occur.The CCI is at 69 and flattening and looking to peak out above the higher range.


monero chart
monero chart

Monero News

Monero is a crypto currency that is not based on the Bitcoin codebase, and that aims to remain as private, secure, and scalable as possible. All Monero transactions are cryptographically untraceable and unlinkable, and there is no separate “clear” token. This enables end users to use Monero as a private store of value and as a medium of exchange that is impervious to blockchain analysis or miner censorship.

Developers that are building privacy-aware or privacy-centric applications will benefit from Monero’s private-by-default approach, and will appreciate the small


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