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Litecoin price Analysis March 22

Litecoin price Analysis March 22  Currently Litecoin is trading in a very narrow range between .0075 and .008 vs Bitcoin. Litecoin is in 1 Day uptrend we may see a move higher in the near term. Recent selloffs in most Cryptocurrencies has kept the price down. Taking a look at the chart below we see Stochastic RSI in an uptrend at 4 which is way out of the lower range which should cause a return to the norm. The CCI is -126 coming out of a bottom and a return to the channel should see buying.


Litcoin price 22

Litecoin Bullish News

Uphold to Support Litecoin
We chose to support these two new cryptocurrencies because of their growing popularity in the developer and open source communities, financial traders and enthusiasts. We will launch Litecoin in April 2016 and Ethereum in May 2016. Until then, we invite you to check out ‪ and ‪ to learn more about these two great new additions to the Uphold platform.

Litecoin Faucets
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use their faucet lists, hide the dud ones (there aren’t many) and use another address as a referral (extra payout). I’ve been faucetting a week now, about 1/2 hour a day and I have nigh on 6 million litoshi (currently about 13 euro cents). Don’t listen to the neigh-sayers, just get involved, have some fun and enjoy looking at your virtual coins.
Those of you saying don’t bother; way to discourage people from crawling around the virtcoin universe. It’s harmless and you get a little taste, figure out the decimals etc. For shame.
You can play snake at and earn hyper. Trade your hyper for litecoin.
You can’t earn a living, but you get to play a fun game instead of just clicking ads and filling in captchas


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