Bitcoin News March 1 2016

BitFury invests in the African Bitcoin Ecosystem via BitPesa

Cash is the currency of freedom

Fintech could be bigger than ATMs, PayPal, and Bitcoin combined

Bitcoin Always Needed More Than One Body of Developers’: An Interview With Libbitcoin’s Eric Voskuil

Bitcoin Will Need to Scale to Levels Much Higher Than Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal Combined

Developers Share Views On Bitcoin Capacity At Second Satoshi Roundtable

Coinbase CEO Rejects Proposal for Bitcoin Hard Fork in 2017

Bitcoin miners have discovered Washington

International regulators take an interest in crypto-currencies & the blockchain: regulation is on its way

Transaction Fees Increase as Bitcoin Blocks Get Full

Securing the City of the Future with Bitcoin

North Texas Medical Clinic now accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin


Bitcoin’s ‘New Normal’ Is Slow and Frustrating

bitcoin news 2016
bitcoin news 2016


Changes in digital payment technology

Block size discussion between Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver

German Law Enforcement Agencies Shut Down 5 Underground Forums

Spring Brings Bitcoin Price Change

W3C to Standardise ECommerce Platforms across the World

Cryptocurrency: The Policy Challenges of a Decentralized Revolution

How NOT to build an Orwellian Reputation System (Pt. 1)


bitcoin news 2016
bitcoin news 2016