Segwit2X is back hard fork December 28th 2017

Segwit2X Block No. 501451, which is planned to be produced roughly speaking on December 28, 2017, will be decisive for the old/new fork Segwit2X, and a Christmas present for the entire crypto-community. An experienced team of developers declares that it will resume activity based on the launch of the suspended project on its website.
“Commission and transaction speed within the Bitcoin network reached inconceivable values. In the last month, the average commission of the network was 15-20 US dollars, and the confirmation rate could reach several days. It is simply impossible to use it as a means of payment.

Our team will carry out the Bitcoin hard fork – Segwit2X, which was expected in mid-November. At the same time, its futures trading is conducted on some exchanges, including HitBTC.

Segwit2X promises that all BTC holders will receive, not only B2X in the ratio of 1:1, but also as a reward for your commitment to progress, the proportional number of Bitcoin of Satoshi Nakamoto who mined it in the first year of the network’s existence,” commented Jaap Terlouw, the project CEO.
The new fork will appear as a result of the revival of Segwit2X, initiated by a group of professional developers. The idea is to resume and refine the suspended project, to create a really anonymous and instant Bitcoin. At the same time, the goal of this work is not the replacement of the original network, but the effective coexistence of two networks with different purposes.

General information about the new Bitcoin Segwit2X

Estimated fork date: 12.28.2017
Total issue: 21 million
Protection against repeated transactions: Yes
Block extraction speed: 2.5 minutes
Mining: X11
Block size: increased to 4 mb
Recalculation of complexity: after each block
Unique address format: Yes
In addition, the Roadmap project has the following positive changes:

Offline codes
Support for Lightning Network, instant transactions
Smart contracts
Anonymous transactions

It’s a contentious fork, and an attack on Bitcoin! Oh wait, no… it’s a Christmas present! That makes it OK then.

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