Ripple Price Analysis March 22

Ripple Price Analysis March 22 after a significant convergence at .000019 vs Bitcoin  Ripple looks like it will breakout to the upside taking a looking at the 1 day chart.   .000019 has had decent support we see a downtrend currently but a very weak one. The price should rise to .00002 vs Bitcoin in the near future if an uptrend occurs. There is a risk of a downtrend but it looks unlikely.The Stochastic RSI is in a downtrend at 57 if it doesn’t test the lower band an excellent sign of a rebound should occur.The CCI is at 43 forming an uptrend after leaving the channel low range. There is a chance of the downtrend continuing so definitely keep an eye on lower support.

ripple march 22

Ripple Bullish News

SBI Holdings (Ripple Partner) joins R3CEV
March 14 , 2016
SBI Holdings, Inc.

The Company ( Head Office : Minato-ku, Tokyo , President and CEO : Yoshitaka Kitao ) , this time the United States FinTech companies R3 CEV LLC ( Headquarters: New York, USA New York City , CEO: David ( David ) Rutter ( Rutter ) , below since it was decided to participate in the ” R3 CEV company” ) block chain consortium “R3″ to be led by , we will inform you .
R3 CEV , Inc., a US start-up companies with the strength to block chain technology , we are promoting a project for the establishment of the block chain technology on a global scale .
R3 consortium CEV Inc. -led ” R3 ” are financial institutions 42 companies of the current world countries are participating ( 2016 end of February ) , to take advantage of the block chain technology , the world’s largest to address the efficiency of financial markets It is the working group . In already part of the financial institutions participating in the consortium , has been promoting , such as demonstration of the block chain technology , we are promoting the use of the financial services of the same technology.


Hype Springs Eternal [A dozen banks are using Ripple]

Available supply has increased over time, as Ripple Labs continues to distribute its XRP holdings, but total supply has only ever decreased. Calculating market capitalization according to available supply of XRP is in some ways similar to calculating Bitcoin market cap according to mined Bitcoins, as opposed to the total number that will ever be mined. Initially, calculated XRP market cap according to total supply and received criticism that the number was misleading, since it did not represent the total number of XRP potentially available at market.

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