Power Ledger Upswing!

Power Ledger Upswing!Power Ledger just broke major resistance at .00007 vs bitcoin with a move to .0001 likely. Parabolic Sar is in a uptrend look for a move higher for another 4 hours.

power ledger

Looks like there’s some whale unloading prematurely on the order books, attempting to cancel the breakout. I think I’m seeing 1×2 on the Gann projection resisting further POWR push right now but the new lower trendline is still holding and pushing the prices up.Approximately 4.7M POWR tokens were exchanged hands in the last hour. That’s about 3M USD of volume. What’s there to stop the whales from dumping their coins, crashing the POWR token value, reducing the purchasing power of assets for the Powerledger team? It’s an issue when POWR is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals that’s hazardous to the project development, the people dumping will get rich, everyone else will get shafted, wouldn’t want to be caught in a landslide of malicious dumping but then again that’s nothing new in the corporate world. You know how in corporate you can do hostile takeovers and buy a majority stake of the company and have it become your bitch? It’s not quite that with POWR since the token doesn’t give you ownership of the company yet but it does have you a stake of the assets once germination goes live. It’s a risk.Good info thanks. Big dollars. Its important for people to know that price dumps can and will happen. The object of which would be to cause panic amongst the investors. They see an x% price drop and freak out selling their investment. This creates a knock on effect as all those with weak will shout “sell” “sell” “sell”.

All we have to do is create a stabe base from which to operate from. This means buying and holding until we are rewarded with an asset. Thats the way I see this project working. The more holders we have the more valuable and stable of a base we have.

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