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Litecoin price prediction July 31st

Litecoin price prediction July 31st recent uptrend.The price of Litecoin is trending up over the last 4 days and should pullback before any move higher occurs. It is coming off it’s lows of .0059 and is at .0064 vs Bitcoin. Taking a look at the Stochastic RSI we see a peak at 110 and should pullback to the top range. The CCI is peaking at 95 and should pullback before moving higher.

litecoin price july 31st
litecoin price july 31st

Buying the dips on the 1 hour chart will prove to be profitable if you have 10 x leverage. the chart below shows buying opportunities whenever the litecoin price moves below the low range of the bollinger bands and selling as it takes out the top range of the band. 


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I’ve been asked one question quite regularly and recently with more force. The question is about Segregated Witness and specifically what a

hard fork

based version would look like.Segregated Witness (or SegWit for short) is complex. It tries to solve quite a lot of completely different and not related issues and it tries to do this in a backwards compatible manner. Not a small feat!

So, what exactly does SegWit try to solve? We can find info of that in the benefits document.

  • Malleability Fixes
  • Linear scaling of sighash operations
  • Signing of input values
  • Increased security for multisig via pay-to-script-hash (P2SH)
  • Script versioning
  • Reducing UTXO growth
  • Compact fraud proofs

As mentioned above, SegWit tries to solve these problems in a backwards compatible way. This requirement is there only because the authors of SegWit set themselves this requirement. They set this because they wished to use a softfork to roll out this protocol upgrade. This post is going to attempt to answer the question if that is indeed the best way of solving these problems.

Starting with Malleability, the problem is that a transaction between being created by the owner of the funds and being mined in a block is possible to change in such a way that it still is valid, but the transaction identifier (TX-id) has been changed. But before we dive into the deep, lets have some general look at the transaction data first.

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