litecoin price

Litecoin Price Prediction December 24th Uptrend forming!

Litecoin price

Litecoin Price Prediction December 24th Uptrend forming! Above is the 4 hour chart showing a 4 hour reversal uptrend getting huge support at $250. Major resistance at $315. Stochastic RSI needs to flip before and uptrend is confirmed. Parabolic Sar is in a uptrend look for a 16 hour buying window before any downswing occurs. With CME future closed nothing is holding back Bitcoin and helping ALTS. Limit ups might push it higher after Xmas.

Charlie Lee dump!
It’s not about whether Charlie Lee made a good trade or called the top, it’s about dumping all of his coins on his users and investors.

Exactly per above if Bill Gates, Tim Cook (Apple) or any other Owner/CEO dumped all of his shares it would be bad for the future direction of the company.

To me it signifies Charlie Lee will be doing little work in the future on LTC, not that he has done much development on LTC to date regarding new features. What’s the incentive?

He’ll talk the talk, but kick back and take the lazy slow half-assed approach. What is his incentive to drive, grind and work hard on LTC?

This signifies a deterioration of LTC’s long term path and road map going forward.

I did own LTC in the past and made a good return when they integrated SegWit, but sold after learning more about Charlie Lee and his lazy fuck-all Socialist/Central Planning approach to crypto.

Thank him for helping to kill SegWit2x, supporting Core/Blockstream and creating the bitcoin network congestion/high fee environment that is plaguing the entire crypto community as we speak.

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