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Etherum Price Prediction December 19 2017 Downtrend!

Etherum price

Etherum Price Prediction December 19 2017 Downtrend! Above is the 4 hour chart showing a pullback getting huge support at the $800. Major resistance at $850. Parabolic Sar is in an uptrend look for a break of this at $790 before a sustained downswing occurs. ALTS like ETH Litecoin should make moves lower if Bitcoin rallies. This is a similar move to the one at the beginning of the trendline.

A major Tether pump occurred printing of $50 million

Bitcoin flash crashes to $350?

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Can confirm we are in full bubble territory:

Currently sitting on a plane to fly home for Christmas and delayed due to needing to de-ice.

Listened to a 20 year old kid explain to his girlfirend/sister/friend how to set up a Coinbase account and described all the different cryptos.

He made ZERO mention of the tech or fundamentals. Also sounds like he holds everything on exchanges with no private keys of his own.

Good news is we’ve still got another hour before we take off, so it sounds like she’s gonna be buying some ATH’s.

Trade carefully, friends…
Central bank chief warns over Bitcoin

“Sopnendu Mohanty, fintech chief for Singapore’s monetary authority (MAS), said there was a crucial difference between Bitcoin and rival cryptocurrency Ethereum”

“Mr Mohanty, recruited from Citigroup to spearhead Singapore’s fintech drive, said Ethereum had some social utility and plausible market value. It can be used for “smart contracts” and to secure access to valuable computing power. “It at least has economic value. You can exchange ether to run software in the cloud,” he said.”

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