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Ethereum Price Prediction March 27th Downtrend!

Ethereum Price Prediction March 27th Downtrend! Ethereum Price Analysis March 27th was is in narrow 4 day range between .022 and .028 vs Bitcoin but it looks like the breakout to the downside is occurring. Ethereum is in 4 hour  downtrend cycle we should see a move down to the .02 support level.  I think a recent resurgence in Bitcoin as the price is rising to $430 is  drawing funds away from Ethereum. Taking a look at the chart below we see Stochastic RSI is flattening at 14 after a 4 hour down cycle with little down movement in price a bullish indicator. The CCI is at 285 coming off the lower band and a return to the channel high should occur we should see buying with these 2 indicators showing an oversold position.

ethereum price
ethereum price


Ethereum News

Microsoft Azure adds New Partners Monero, Radium, Expanse, Influx, Algorythmix and Tendermint



Vitalik Buterin on the Future of Ethereum

Sunday, Mar 27, 2016, 6:30 PM

Institute for the Future
201 Hamilton Avenue Palo Alto, CA

158 Members Attending

We are happy to have Vitalik review the Ethereum roadmap (as previously presented at Coinbase) and also to give more details on how shards may work in Ethereum 2.0 and 3.0. The summary below is for the roadmap section of his talk.Ethereum has gone far in the last two years, from a fledgling idea to a live blockchain with hundreds of applications b…

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Title is incorrect. He will be giving the presentation again in south bay and not at Coinbase. this is mountain view meetup. Form the meetup description – “We are happy to have Vitalik review the Ethereum roadmap presented at Coinbase ”



Wall Street is Blockchain’s Weak Link

Yes I think Ethereum will succeed and the price of ETH will rise, but if you are looking for the big gains from the present moment, I think your looking in the wrong in direction. Don’t be lazy, don’t randomly put part of your stash in every single altcoin out there. Opportunities like this are rare and you would literally be throwing it away.

I know people will disagree, but apart from ETH and BTC, if you hold any other altcoins I would suggest selling it all for the DApp boom. I’m telling you now, these altcoins will never take off, they are play things for traders.

Currently bullish on BTC, we’re on the verge of volatile times, and I’m taking a bet on it going upwards. Will be holding my future ‘gambles’ on DApps in BTC for now.

3-month uptrend being convincingly broken. That’s the end of the bubble. Just a reminder that after Bitcoin’s first bubble the price crashed from $31 to $2, and after the last Litecoin bubble the price crashed from $50 to $1. If you have more than “what you can afford to lose” invested in Eth, now is the time to get out. If you truly believe in Eth and you’re investing for the long-term, you’ll have several months if not years to accumulate at lower prices.

Google trends (last 12 months) blockchain vs ethereum searches

“The need for a powerful platform for p2p value exchange and permissionless innovation remains and WILL NOT DISSIPATE.”, “Metacoin platforms (like ethereum) are ON THE RISE while bitcoin is sliding into the trough (of the hype cycle).” -Gartner Research






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