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Ethereum Price Prediction July 26th.

Ethereum Price Prediction July 26th. Ethereum is currently in a  1 day downtrend and is currently looking to stabilize after reaching the mid range of the bollinger bands. I think Ethereum should move higher over the next few days to the $14 level.  Taking a look at the chart below we see Stochastic RSI is at 53 and should reverse over the next couple of days. The CCI is at 30  in an uptrend. The equilibrium last month proved that there are sufficient buyers to handle any “dumps”. Right now we’re simply seeing some traders play their stupid TA game believing they can time the market better than anyone else while they should go long and accumulate at this point.

Ethereum price july 26th
Ethereum price july 26th

As long as the current DEV team stays with ETH there is support at these levels. I am not saying there is a trade here I just dont believe it is anywhere near the end of ETH. I do believe ETC has the wind at its sails and as I said this am I believe ETC will take the #3 spot in mkt cap. Then if they announce a dev team maybe they can hold that and move forward. There is no way it will overtake ETH in the near term. I would suspect some dev teams on Ether copy cat coins may want to jump to ETC if they can get an equity position in it somehow. MAybe from the DAO hacker???
23 days and counting before the DarkDAO can be cashed out.
People seem to have forgotten there is like 100,000 ETC still sitting in the DAO contract, which to my knowledge has already started to move around.
There are no blockexplorer tools to monitor ETC so it is hard to find updates on those funds moving.
That IMO is the only thing that matters in this whole drama…where those ETC are going to end up.
edit: I am surprised, and for all I know it is already happening, if the hacker wars over those funds haven’t carried on.
When are funds released to the hacker?
There’s actually three or more hackers. You have the original attacker. He/she/they have already split into a new childDAO and they’ll be able to withdraw to ETC later in August.
There’s another hacker who did a copy-cat attack, and drained a good chunk before the white hats drained the rest. I think it’s another week or two before they can withdraw directly to ETC (although I’m totally guessing here, because I don’t know if they’re able to whitelist withdraw proposals in there split, or if they’ll have to split into a new childDAO like the original attacker had to do).
Then there’s the “stalker” who infiltrated the white hat split. So far I’ve seen no information on what happened to that, but you can expect the stalker to split into a new childDAO (like the original attacker) in order to eventually be able to whitelist a withdraw proposal. That’s going to take several weeks, so the earliest is later in August.
Basically, all of the classic DAO’s ETC will be in the hands of just a few hackers by late August. If ETH holders haven’t finished dumping by then, I’m sure these hackers will be happy to take advantage of any value left in ETC.

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