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Ethereum Classic is a scam! David Seaman

1) Thief and/or pump and dump group offered Poloniex a lot of money to add Ethereum Classic
2) Thief and/or pump and dump group are buying up all ETC for cheap in order to control >90% of the market.
3) With their market control, the thief and/or pump and dump group will perform a massive pump on the ETC price, by buying their own coins all the time — if my theory is correct.
Whoever will be performing this pump, I feel that the incentive might not only be to make money, but also to destroy Ethereum (the higher the price gets pumped, the more miners will move back to ETC and the lower the price of ETH will go).
For these reasons, I will not be dumping my ETC straight away, I will dump them at a far higher (but artificial) price.

1) bitcoin core is losing their shit over the HF
2) Greg Maxwell sent some odd messages to vitalik about not HF (ideological consistent for Greg, I’m not pointing fingers at Greg here either, it just adds to the FUD)
3) memes flying over “code is law” and “governments forcing crypto networks to hard fork”
4) the HF went through with flying colors, much egg on people’s faces, not happy, no wow
5) Polo has tons of time to communicate to community they will be listing Ethereum Classic but don’t.
6) the naming of the old fork as Classic makes zero sense as it should be Ethereum Core as they are upholding the “Core” principles.
I believe this is the last bit of fodder to point to and say “see HF are bad”.
However, there are a core of people that truly believe this is the correct course of action, I have no issue with them. It’s the disingenuous actors that are using them I have issue with.

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