Digibyte Price Prediction April 10th

Digibyte Price Prediction April 10th. Digibyte is currently on a 1 day downtrend touching .00000079 vs Bitcoin. I would look for a move higher from here but if support falls at .00000079 a move to .0000006 should occur. A big drop in all cryptocurrencies happened this weekend the cause at this point is unknown. The Stochastic RSI is at 0 taking out the lower band and makes a move higher from here possible.The CCI is at -73 a low level prime for a rebound.

digi 10

Digibyte  News

FinDEVr New York 2016 – DigiByte Holdings

Blockchain Gaming Platform DigiByte Gaming Adds Counter Strike Global Offensive


DigiByte Receives $250,000 in Funding from Private Investor  Message:DigiByte is a coin developed to be an easy way to send and receive currency without the need for a middle man, making DGB an efficient and safe alternative to Bitcoin. Nevertheless, DGB recently received a $250,oo0 investment, and plans to use this recently acquired money to open the following businesses: DigiByte LLC located in Santa Monica CA, and DigiByte International Limited located in Hong Kong. International development DigiByte International Limited is going to be located in Hong Kong, taking DigiByte to a whole new playing field. Their partnership with Tofugear Limited has allowed this plan to become a reality; spreading their ideas about cryptocurrency world wide. The developers of DigiByte dream that one day DGB will be a currency used world-wide. With its recent step into Japan, the dream is getting closer and closer, because it links the coin with sponsors capable of bringing the currency into the main stream. This new expansion of DGB proves that the people behind the coin are serious about making the coin a currency to remember. And they have no plan on giving up any time soon. The DigiByte coin has many innovations that it has brought to the altcoin world including its multi-algorithm mining, with 5 unique algorithms, and with its 1:1000 ratio with Bitcoin, making the coin more suitable for smaller transactions.



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