Dash Price Prediction December 22 Uptrend!

Dash Price Prediction December 22 Uptrend! Above is the 1 hour chart showing a 1 hour uptrend getting huge support at $850. Major resistance at $1400. Parabolic Sar is in a uptrend look for a 6 hour buying window before any downswing occurs. With CME future closed nothing is holding back Bitcoin good news for the whole market. Limit ups might push it higher after Xmas.

Now there are 4,767 masternodes https://www.dash.org/network/#section-network
Masternode owners did not sell off their 1000 Dash collateral (required to run a masternode) during the price crash. There are 4659 masternodes currently, so 4.65 million Dash are held by masternode owners. It means that the network continued to run at full capacity and proves that incentivisng people to run nodes ensure that they continue to do so. This is in contrast to other networks where there is no incentive to run a node and the numbers fall, reducing the effectiveness of the network.

I think the fact that this seems like a reasonable question demonstrates how strongly human instinct leans toward fallacious reasoning. If it’s obvious that they should hold their masternodes, perhaps it also ought to be obvious that people with >$1.2m to invest ought to set up a masternode (since both Dash and fiat currency are liquid). Somehow, that seems less obvious – although it does seem like a potentially very lucrative investment appropriate for someone who has enough money that they wouldn’t be devastated by losing most of it if the (yet unknown) future takes an unfortunate turn.
There are a few different angles on that one.

Some say Dash only gets such big rises because a large amount of Dash is ‘locked’ away in masternodes. This is untrue, it is not locked, a masternode owner can spend it anytime and there is no proof that price is affected in this way.

Others say that it lessens the impact of market crashes, that Dash isn’t as affected as other coins. We obviously saw today that this is not true either.

What it does do and what it is intended to do, is to ensure the network is kept secure by giving an incentive to keep a masternodes running. Without this Dash wouldn’t even be able to envision building a platform like Evolution.

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