Dash Price Prediction March 17 Uptrend!

Dash Price Prediction March 17 Uptrend!Taking a look at the 4 hour chart we see a nice run in Dash coin from .01 to .016 with a current pullback to .0135. A new uptrend is forming as you can see in the chart below. It may test all time highs in the near future if it can break to the upside. The 0.014 area has acted as resistance about five times in the past 9 months. If the market can close and trade above 0.014 for about 24 hours, then 0.014 may turn into support, which in turn may set the stage for a bull market.

Dash price prediction-Mar-17-2016

Bullish News
I talked with Tame- the CEO of btc38. After a small talk, he did give me some useful answers. He said btc38 will add CNY-DASH pair definitely, he believes the Innovation of DASH, and Dash will keep on going. He said the reason why btc38 cannot add CNY-DASH now is that BTC38 has not enough DASH to support CNY transaction. So it will take some time, not too long.
And btc38 would love to cooperate with Chinese team to promote Dash in China.”

great news all around ,
they need some time it seems to get their volume up , that gives us time to revamp our Chinese PR efforts !

It is pertinent for any digital currency to get noticed by the Chinese community and added to an exchange over time. Creating an altcoin is not the hardest part, as we mentioned before, whereas gaining traction and creating value for the currency is a whole different ballgame. Keeping in mind how there are thousands of altcoins in existence, and only a dozen of them has any value or use, it is not easy to get added to a Chinese exchange.

This is not trading/investment advice!

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