“Cory Fields: Bitcoin value comes from the fact that there are a limited number of bitcoins”

“Cory Fields: Bitcoin value comes from the fact that there are a limited number of bitcoins”

Why are we surprised that there is a divide in the community, when most people cannot even understand why bitcoin is valuable?Cory, Bitcoin is not valuable just because it has a cap on supply , but because there is demand for it.There is demand for it, because it’s useful.With a too low Blocksize limit we are inherently limiting the possible demand the network can accommodate and make the network less useable .This wouldn’t matter if bitcoin was unequaled , but it’s not. It takes much less energy and effort to switch to another system rather than trying to sway others who have fundamental misconceptions.

Cory How do you see it now Classic? Many people say that the current strength of Classic it is not mature enough, how do you see it?
You propose in an article, the Core scalability roadmap by bitcoin industry entrepreneurs, investors and other opposition, but there is some resistance. Do you think Core Classic is the root cause?
I would like to ask as a developer, what do you think of the Chinese Bitcoin community?

Cory:… That question is somewhat vague “Bitcoin Classic” means a few different things there As a software project, it’s young, but still a relatively small patch-set on top of Bitcoin Core As a development team, it’s still very new and small. That has obvious disadvantages in terms of research / review, bit it also allows for faster changes.

I’m sure each company / investor / etc has their own reasons It’s a very complex issue, so I’d rather not try to speak on anyone’s behalf…
This will probably come across as a cheesy answer, but I do not see different Bitcoin development communities The beauty of free and open-source software is that everyone can participate together Often we have no idea who contributors are, where they.. ‘re from, etc. As long as the code is good and they’re easy to work with, little else matters. That said, I’ve met several great devs from China and Hong kong while traveling, and I’m happy to see more coming on lately.

The answer may be very naive, but I do not see each Bitcoin community any different. The benefits of free and open source software is that everyone can participate. Sometimes we do not know who the contributors is that they are going to come from and so on. As long as the code is well written, others are not so important. So, when I travel, I come across several continents and a great developer in Hong Kong, and very happy to see more and more people join.

Cory Fields Why did you choose Core dev instead of classic dev?
to become a Core developer”, I simply started looking at the Bitcoin code for fun Years ago when I first got involved, nearly all of the development was on Bitcoin Core (At the. time it was just known as Bitcoin). for the most part, that’s still the case. Forks and alternate implementations are a rather new phenomenon (that’s not entirely true as other libraries and implementations have been around for years, but without the fanfare that the current forks are getting). Because Bitcoin Core and Classic share the same code, developing for one is basically the same as developing for the other. To illustrate that, as a data point, the (really bad) github data shows that I’m the # 4 contributor to Classic: p

I did not choose Core dev, I’m just beginning to see the Bitcoin code, find it very interesting. A few years ago when I first started programming, almost all development in the Bitcoin Core (then called Bitcoin). Still so most are now. Fork and release a new phenomenon (and other libraries version has existed for years, but not like this publicity, so this statement is not entirely correct). Because Bitcoin Core Classic and development is the same code, the development of a basically developing another. That is, as a data point (very bad) github data show: I was the fourth Classic contributors: p

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