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Bitshares price prediction March 17 uptrend due!

Bitshares price prediction March 17 uptrend due! Looking at the Bitshares chart below we see after a big downtrend coming off .00003 high vs Bitcoin Bitshares is finding support in the .000013 area. Bitshares should move higher if support stays strong and buying dips here should be profitable. 

Bithares price 4 hour Mar-17-2016-16-52-7

Bullish News
BitShares price jump follows Microsoft Azure additionBitShares is a cryptocurrency and financial blockchain smart contracts platform. The currency is currently ranked as the 8th largest by market cap, worth around US$23 million at the time of writing.

Founded by Daniel Larimer in the fall of 2013, BitShares has a three-second blocktime, which is as fast as you can send a transmission from the far side of the planet and still get included into the current block. There are also some unrivaled features; a decentralized exchange built into its wallet client, human-readable named addresses, the ability to issue your own crypto-assets to other wallet holders and trade them in the exchange, and an interesting governance model with user voting.

Despite the project’s interesting advantages, user adoption hasn’t taken off. The cryptocurrency’s price chart had been steadily headed downhill since trading started in July 2014. Today, however, that trend has taken a sharp turn upwards, with news of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform adding a BitShares template package. The template deploys a BitShares node and a command-line wallet on Ubuntu Linux.
OpenLedger – host, wallet, exchange & vault
OBITS has been created as a token hosted on OpenLedger, a decentralised financial platform – in fact, the de facto BitShares 2.0 platform, run in cooperation with CCEDK and blockchain experts Cryptonomex, the developers of the Graphene toolkit upon which the platform is powered.
OpenLedger has been described as a revolutionary fintech platform, with high capacity and low latency suitable for the demands of modern-day trading. The idea is that OpenLedger gives users the complete control over their balances that blockchain technology allows, but also the super-fast experience necessary for closing a profitable trade.

As a key strand of what exchange owner Ronny Boesing hopes will prove a catalyst for a new kind of sharing economy, OBITS will allow holders to benefit from the fees garnered from trading and referrals on the OpenLedger platform.

More than this, though, it represents a share of revenues generated by future initiatives that will be added by CCEDK, including fiat gateways, Ripple, PayPal and NanoCard integration, and much more besides.

Buy OBITS and share in OpenLedger’s profits
Would you like to earn money from the volatile cryptocurrency market without having to become a highly-skilled trader? Imagine making a few pennies on every transaction made on an exchange… without having to deal with all the hassles of operating one!

That’s what OBITS is all about
With OBITS you can profit from all the transactions carried out on an up-and-coming cryptocurrency exchange. Buying OBITS is the equivalent of buying a stake in our exchange’s business. Not only will you share the profits but you will also have a say in the future development of OpenLedger via our exclusive voting features.

Profit Distribution
How are you going to profit and how does it work? OpenLedger is powered by an automatic referral system baked in the system. Just like every business we have revenue and expenses, here is the breakdown:

The Blockchain of Gold
Investing over the internet has always been a very risky business, this is because you have to trust someone else to actually deliver the product that you are paying for, and you never really know if they are legit or if they will just run off with your money and “turn off” their website.
Gold industry has been particularly affected by scam cases but blockchain technology can now eliminate the risk of fraud and make buying and selling Gold 100% secure.
In this post I will try to explain in basic terms how Bitshares platform has made buying Gold-Backed assets possible.

BTS is an alternative digital currency system which is used to create market pegged assets for various major global currencies and commodities. One of these market pegged assets is BitGOLD.
And what is BitGOLD?
BitGOLD is a digital asset which works like Bitcoin, secured by a peer-to-peer ledger called a blockchain, but the value is tracked by a price feed and backed by 200% collateral.

Where do I buy BitGOLD?
BitGold Assets can be bought from other users (no middle-man) on Bitshares decentralized exchange platform. You can either download their software for windows, linux and mac or use a web version like Open Ledger.
You can also transfer your gold to friends or sell it for other currencies like U.S Dollars, Chinese Yuan, Bitcoins and many more. You pay a small fee per transactions of less than 0,01 USD.
Why is BitGOLD safer than the rest?
In addition to the fact that you can invest in gold anonymously, you also do not have to trust your investment to anybody else to look after. Only you can access your funds using your secret key and you can store your digital wallet on your home computer to take full control of your investment.

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