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Bitshares Price Analysis March 21st

Bitshares Price Analysis March 21st after a significant convergence between .000015 and .000011 vs Bitcoin  Bitshares looks like it will breakout to the upside taking a looking at the 1 day chart.   .000011 has had decent support we see a nice uptrend is forming. The price should rise to .00002 vs Bitcoin in the near future if the uptrend holds. The Stochastic RSI is in an uptrend at 35 without testing the lower band an excellent sign of a rebound.The CCI is at -15 forming an uptrend after leaving the channel high range at 50. There is a chance of the downtrend continuing so definitely keep an eye on lower support.

Bitshares March 21


Bullish Bitshare News

BitShares price jump follows Microsoft Azure additionBitShares is a cryptocurrency and financial blockchain smart contracts platform. The currency is currently ranked as the 8th largest by market cap, worth around US$23 million at the time of writing.

Founded by Daniel Larimer in the fall of 2013, BitShares has a three-second blocktime, which is as fast as you can send a transmission from the far side of the planet and still get included into the current block. There are also some unrivaled features; a decentralized exchange built into its wallet client, human-readable named addresses, the ability to issue your own crypto-assets to other wallet holders and trade them in the exchange, and an interesting governance model with user voting.

Despite the project’s interesting advantages, user adoption hasn’t taken off. The cryptocurrency’s price chart had been steadily headed downhill since trading started in July 2014. Today, however, that trend has taken a sharp turn upwards, with news of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform adding a BitShares template package. The template deploys a BitShares node and a command-line wallet on Ubuntu Linux.

BitShares Is A Viable Bitcoin 3.0 Candidate


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