Bitcoin Price Prediction March 27th

Bitcoin Price Prediction March 27th the 5 day chart range was in a narrow range between $407 and $418 and finally has had a breakout today.  Bitcoin is in 1 Day uptrend cycle we saw move higher as the uptrend continues. A move higher above $420 which has occurred would mean the bull has returned Bitcoin should go to the $440 range or higher. Taking a look at the chart below we see CCI is rising at 16 but in a tight range  Bitcoin will need a peak here to break resistance. The Stochastic RSI is rising at 99 after flattening without diving below the lower band a bullish signal taking a look at the chart below.Sellers don’t seem to be in any rush to push the price down at the moment. BFX data shows almost exactly equal margin longs to shorts in this move.  As always, China will be directing who between those two sides blinks first. Shorting bitcoin on a halving year is not a very good idea. The shorting season is gone- that was 2014-2015. China still pumping up the volume for 4 weeks in a row.


bitcoin price prediction
bitcoin price prediction

Now fewer than 400K coins remaining to be mined before the halving:

coins at halving: 15’750’000
current coins: 15’351’625

That’s over $150million by current rates.

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Among methods for accepting donations, Bitcoin stands out with its ease of use, low cost, and simple setup process. This is especially useful for podcasts and other decentralized media forms, many of whom offer their service for free in hopes of receiving voluntary donations, making their operating margins potentially slim.

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Mark Edge, host of radio show Free Talk Live, indicates that BitcoinCT r: 8 income is around “20% now, sometimes lower. 50%+ at times in the past,” while Rodger Paxton of the LAVA Flow Podcast claims: “I receive about half of my income from my podcast by bitcoin.” Brian Sovryn, host of technology and futurism podcast Sovryn Tech, also receives a similar ratio.

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