Bitcoin price 2016

Bitcoin Price Prediction March 19

Bitcoin Price Prediction March 19 overnight saw a bounce attempting to reverse the downtrend then more selling in Bitcoin occurred taking it down to the $405 intraday support level. Currently Bitcoin is bouncing off this support and should take it higher to $420 the narrow range that it has been trading over the last 2 weeks indicated by the chart below. Any move below $405 should take it lower to the $380 support.

Bitcoin 4 hour March 19

The Stochastic RSI and CCI are both negative looking to form an uptrend on the 1 hour chart below a good sign of a 1 hour reversal, it might dip a little lower before a move up occurs. In this narrow range selling and buying dips in the Stochastic RSI and CCI should prove to be a good trade.

Bitcoin CCI 19

Bullish Bitcoin News

Overstocks T0 is Blockchain Technology On The Right Track
Overstock isn’t trying to play with words or sugar-coat an existing database design with blockchain-like qualities in an attempt to pass it off as blockchain technology and they’re not even calling anything they built a blockchain at all. They’re calling their platform T0 and calling the blockchain the blockchain. Pretty much how its always been until a few started calling anything and everything a “blockchain” to confuse many, annoy most, and dupe others.

They’re not gathering together 40 online retailers for a startup called S5 to build a super-secret-private-permissioned-system they plan to call a something-chain either.

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