Bitcoin price 2016

Bitcoin price prediction March 14th

Bitcoin price prediction March 14th still waiting for some direction. Bitcoin has been trading between  $418 and $408 for the last 5 days. A big move will happen once the support or resistance levels are taken out but I can’t predict which will it will go. Trading the 1 hour you make decent profit buy the low end of bollinger bands and selling at the top end. Then repeating the process on the way down as shown in the chart below.

Bitcoin price
Bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights
Price formed a complex head and shoulders pattern on the 1-hour time frame but has yet to test the neckline support.
Technical indicators are hinting that the uptrend might still resume at some point.
The 100 SMA is over the more long term 200 SMA so the easiest course of action is still to the upside. This implies bitcoin could at present test the past highs at the $420-245 territory.

Be that as it may, RSI is indicating down so the price may go with the same pattern, moving down the range of to around $410. A break underneath this level could affirm that further down movement are likely. The graph development is around $30 tall so the subsequent breakdown could be of the same size, taking bitcoin price to $380.

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