Bitcoin Price Prediction December 24th Xmas Uptrend!

Bitcoin price analysis

Bitcoin Price Prediction December 24th Xmas Uptrend! Above is the 4 hour chart showing a 4 hour uptrend getting started huge support at $12000. Major resistance at $14750. Parabolic Sar is in a downtrend look for this to be broken before a major upswing occurs. Stochastic RSI is ready to cross in the lower range. With CME future closed nothing is holding back Bitcoin. Limit ups might push it higher after Xmas.

PnF Update
I know it seems like we are simply wasting away to nothing. The price cranks up a bit and it just cannot hold it there. It could make one wonder if any of this is worth it.

Now the somewhat good news. This pattern is nothing new for Bitcoin. Throughout the past year we go up, we drop back sharply and then we oscillate for a couple of columns. The columns are longer (because I did not adjust the box levels) meaning the dollar values are greater—but the general pattern is a fractal thats been going on for over a year.

Now, if you combine this with all of the new money that rushed in—got slammed—and now is leaking out, it is not a shock to see where we are this afternoon.

My advice to anyone trading or even holding, is to take out a calculator and figure out where your ultimate pain point is. Mine is somewhere near $7500 and change. So these movements are well within my “pain range.” For my long term cold storage…the pain range starts in the mid three figures. So, you can see that if you think I am a delusional “half full” guy, I have my mind wrapped around where I can go. It helps me sleep at night.

For those of you celebrating Christmas this weekend, or the solstice (I’ve been to a couple of those…they were fun!), or just a long weekend off from work, please accept my wishes for a peaceful, fun time.

Not so fun in our house. My 95 year old MIL is on O2 and confined to her bed, my mom went on hospice Thursday, my son in law is somewhere in Africa doing god knows what for a government I cannot stand, and my daughters are both away for Christmas. Plus my siblings are senior citizen douchebags.

If it doesn’t show, I am almost running empty on “give a shits.”

So…the Hudson Bay is slowly being sipped. I haven’t quite gotten a straw out yet, but the thought has crossed my mind. Here’s hoping I can share a glass of Pappy next Christmas with my son in law.

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