Bitcoin price 2016

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2016 Downtrend!

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2016 Downtrend! Taking a look at the 1 hour chart of the Bitcoin  Price below we see a 1 hour downtrend forming after reaching $415. I don’t think we will see a significant move below $407 which is the most recent support level. Currently Bitcoin is trading sideways and Ethereum is enjoying all the upside movement. 

Bitcoin chart
Bitcoin chart

Recent news affecting the Bitcoin Price

Microsoft reverses course, says ‘no thanks’ to Bitcoin payments
Bitcoin’s day in the sun at Microsoft appears to be over, at least for now. According to a report on Softpedia published Friday, the purveyor of all things Windows has decided to stop taking the cryptocurrency after accepting it as a form of payment on the WIndows Store since late 2014.

Git Money Creates Work-Based Bitcoin Payment Option For Freelancers

Rein is a new Python application created to decentralize the labor market and offers an “easy way to earn Bitcoin.” The ReinProject was created by Python developer David Sterry whose intentions are to promote freedom and progress. The platform is currently still in Alpha but has completed its first transaction on March 13th. Sterry’s announcement on Reddit said three users traded two Bitcoin addresses and contact information. Then the job was posted and bid on by the second member of the group who chose to pay for the service. The Rein creator says this included “their payment information, bid amount, and a (rather terse) timeframe for completion.” The platform keeps everything completely trustless, peer-to-peer, and decentralized with its featured services such as:

It shouldn’t matter where you are – the United States, Ukraine, an island, India or anywhere. If your code solves a problem, you should be paid. The quality of your work should be all that matters when providing a solution to a problem. With git money, your work is your resume. Nothing else matters.

Not a coder? Not a problem.

A problem doesn’t have to be technical. People have needs for graphics, text, video editing, social media assistance and many other things – and they’re willing to pay for it. If you have a skill, there might be money waiting for you.

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