Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin Price Prediction December 22 Uptrend forming!

bitcoin price
bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Prediction December 22 Uptrend forming! Above is the 1 hour chart showing a 1 hour uptrend getting huge support at $13000. Major resistance at $15000. Parabolic Sar is in a uptrend look for a 6 hour buying window before any downswing occurs. With CME future closed nothing is holding back Bitcoin. Limit ups might push it higher after Xmas.

First I’m still short so I may be biased but this seems to suggest that the target should be around 9K which would be around our previous channel bottom. I’ve read another blog which states that most parabolic arcs retrace retrace 62-78% with a first target of 50% (which we almost hit) and 80%+ is quite common after these curves in bitcoin.

The bounces where not as convincing as 3K bottom or the 5.4K bottom and the daily volume at both the bottoms is lower even though the volume has generally been getting higher so I’m unconvinced that we’ve hit a bottom but that may be a little more fear in the market at these prices after a curve up like that. Make your own decisions but remember no matter how great the tech is we are still unsure of it’s future(I think it will have significant value but maybe not what some people think) and there’s a lot of money at stake and big money knows how to manipulate your emotions. If your up a lot and stressed at least scale out a little. Don’t ruin your holidays stressing over this…

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