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Barry Silbert and Greg Maxwell Ethereum antagonists?

Barry Silbert and Greg Maxwell Ethereum antagonists? Do you think Barry Silbert and Greg Maxwell supported Ethereum prior to DAO disaster and hard fork? When there was previously no hint that Ethereum would become not “immutable” under such situation? How convenient after the fact that they both decide to change over at this point when there is two chains and they can continue causing havoc.
People believed after the DAO was behind us that we could move on, to end these attacks against EF. However, make no mistake Ethereum is still under attack and will continue to be so as Bitcoin becomes more threatened by its existence and its willingness to challenge everything Bitcoin maximalist are supposedly against. Which is odd to me as I think there is a place for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The two combined don’t even surpass most mid-cap companies.
Which leads to the worst thing of all of this short-sightedness is the negative affect it is having on the industry. How is mass adoption or company acceptance improved when the outside world sees such toxicity? This whole debacle has been two things; a money grab and a way to inflict damage on Ethereum in terms of it being in supposed competition with Bitcoin. If they can delay and stall Ethereum’s progress and public perception, it gives them more time to catch up.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to show how true this is and any of the numerous duplicate accounts or same users posting ad nauseam that down vote this just goes to show how true it really is. I do not even really care about your motives if ones would actually come forward and acknowledge these facts instead of hiding under the guise of immutability. If ETC wants to go their own path that is fine by me, and I support it. But they should do their own work instead of being glorified copy-pasters of people who actually worked hard to create a real project worth pursuing.
And on a side note, the fact that we don’t waste our time posting trivial crap on their subreddit like the significant amount of time they waste on ours, shows they are more threatened of us than we are of them.
Crypto history is littered with these types of clone-coins. Choose your favorite and go look up its current price on Poloniex (if it’s even still listed) and see where it is. That will tell you everything you need to know about ETC’s eventual and unavoidable fate — guaranteed.

Follow the hashrate, it was interesting to watch it grow today. Ethereum has had about 4100GH online, and ETC chain has 100GH this morning
It got to around 200-250 GH before the main chain started to drop miners. So initially all the hashing power coming online was mostly new hashing.
Since the rise, it hit a high of 800GH on ETC and ETH is at 3300GH for a rough total of 4100GH, we lost that extra 200GH of mining power that got ETC rolling.
Of course it takes a little time to reconfigure miners and sync the old chain and we have somewhere around 23 days before the DarkDao, now split or moved as there isn’t a lot of tracking going on with those ETCDAO tokens ,which IMO should be target #1 in this whole drama.
Those are going to get cashed out at some point and I expect the miners to move back to the main chain if ETC price bottoms out.
you can see price and hash rate cross over a number of times. It almost looks like a MACD chart.

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