Announcing the Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme as more developers and researchers are needed.

Announcing the Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme as more developers and researchers are needed.

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme for the Bitcoin industry. The programme provides a direct way for industry to get involved with Bitcoin Core by facilitating specific projects, research, and development; as well as to help with often overlooked aspects of the project like communication, infrastructure and project coordination.

Bitcoin Core software powers a large portion of the Bitcoin network infrastructure, and a project of this magnitude requires as much help as it can get. However, due to the complex nature of the Bitcoin system, people with domain expertise that can actually contribute are scarce and the bar for developing, research, and testing is extremely high. Domain experts already get a lot of opportunities across many industries, and without direct incentives it is difficult to attract and retain talent.

Since Bitcoin Core is an open source project, it relies entirely on volunteer contributors offering their time and expertise to the project, and we are fortunate that some companies already contribute developer resources. While there are no shortages of improvements and features suggested for the Bitcoin system, there hasn’t been the requisite funding. Now that’s all changing. Today, we are launching a clear way for the industry as a whole to get directly involved and sponsor many of the projects on the development wish list and to suggest projects they are interested in.

Bitcoin Core will always progress on the path of technical and scientific based research and requirements that are compatible with the goals of the Bitcoin system. For example, privacy, censorship resistance, decentralization, and voluntaryism are key tenets of Bitcoin. Sponsorships therefore cannot guarantee a particular feature would make it into the Bitcoin Core software and even if included, ultimately Bitcoin users decide what software they run, and what features get adopted.

Even though the on-going conflict  between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic is still going on, the Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme is not about adding more nodes or mining pools to the network.  Alternatively , this concept goes well beyond just financial aid, as more developers and researchers are needed. Providing the proper incentives seems to be the way to go if more people need to be attracted to the Bitcoin world.

In other news: North Korea Sponsors Research into How Awesome North Korea is.

We’ll let you join the ‘open source’ party as soon as you do precisely what we say, and don’t ask too many questions if you know what’s good for you.

Sure, but developer #58 is just cleaning up the code syntax whereas those “7 or 8 devs paid by blockstream” are the ones who control the bitcoin mailing lists, forums, IRC, structure, plan of action , and execution of the bitcoin Qt client – Greg maxwell, adam back, etc.

More significantly , these guys aren’t “paid by” blockstream – they are blockstream and founded the company. An inner group of bitcoin devs founded blockstream, purged the bitcoin developers belligerent to their interests, and now use blockstream as a shell to co opt the open source protocol for their own profit. 

Erik Voorhees line- not totally misanthropic about their motivation. They might have taken the development of Bitcoin in the same path whether Blockstream was around or not.

It appears to me everyone has their own idea of what Bitcoin is, and what’s best for it, and anything that deviates from their opinion is treated with exaggerated hostility.

The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. 

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